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Frequently asked questions

What is Betfellows?

Betfellows is a collaborative tips plattform. We believe that thinking in groups is a strong weapon that we have for building better tips. Based on this Betfellows puts everyone to go towards the same goal, getting better results than individually.

Why should I use Betfellows?

At Betfellows you can validate strategies before risking your money. Before getting your money into play, we give you 1000 Betcoins, our fictitious coins, that you will have available to make your predictions and emulate as if you were betting real money. Also, Betfellows gives you the possibility to see other users' opinions, allowing you to improve your analysis. As well as the fact that Betfellows is growing very fast, and being active here will allow you to be the first to try our future gadgets.

How to bet on Betfellows?

It is very easy to bet on Betfellows. First you need to create your account, then we will credit you 1000 Betcoins for free. These Betcoins are the ones that you will use to make your bets. After creating your account, just login and search for the match that you want to bet on. You can do this in several ways: by the search bar, on the match list, on the leagues pages and on the teams page. When you have already selected the match that you will place your bet, you just have to choose the market where you want to bet. We have available: Moneyline, Correct Result, Asian Handicap, Both teams to score and Over-Under. When you have already selected your market, just click on the option that you want. (More or Less goals, Yes or No for Both teams to score and so on). After that just add the number of Betcoins that you want to risk and click on “Confirm Tip”. That's all, you will see a confirmation message on your screen. It's important to remember that Betfellows only allows pre match bets.

How to take part on the challenges and win prizes?

Betfellows has already given out a lot of prizes to the best placed in the challenges. Cash prizes, TV's, PS4 and FIFA, cooler, t-shirts and even a Harley Davidson Motorbike. Each challenge has a specific partner, so the rules for participating may vary, but it is usually required that you open an account and deposit in a bookmarker. After the register on the challenge you will receive 1000 BetCoins that you can use exclusively for the challenge. You bet with these coins and depending on the places where you finish, you will receive the indicated prize. In the World Cup, for example, there were BRL 20,000.00 in free bets from 1st to 250th place.

Which markets are available to bet on?

Moneyline - On this market you have the options of: Team A to win, draw and Team B to Win.

Over or under goals - You can select wheter the match will have more or less goals. For example, if you choose the Under 2.5 goals market, the match must not have more than two goals. The results that give you the win are 0x0, 1x0, 2x0, 0x1, 0x2 and 1x1. Any other results that have 3 goals or more, mean you will lose you bet. The same logic is applied for the Over 2.5 goals, Under 3.5 and so on.

Moneyline HT - HT stands for half time, it's the same market as the moneyline, but now what matters is the result at the half time of the match. For example: if you predicted that team A will win at HT, they will need to be winning at the end of the first half. What happens after doesn't matter.

Handicap - This is the most complex market, for you to understand it, we suggest you to read this article:
To sum it up, on this handicap markets, one of the teams gets an advantage or disadvantage.

Correct Score - This one is very easy, you just have to select the final result of the match! 1x0, 1x1, 0x0, 7x1 haha. Hit a correct result is very difficult, so, the reward for doing it is very high.

Both teams to score - This market has two options, Yes or No. If you select “Yes”, it will be necessary that both teams score at least one goal, 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 1x3 are favourable results. In the case that you have selected “No”, at least one of the teams must not score. 0x0, 1x0, 4x0, 0x2 are results that will make you win.

How does the alert system works?

These alerts are based on an algorithm developed by Clube da Aposta. We take into account some live stats, such as attacks, dangerous attacks, shots, shots on target, ball possession and much more. For each stat we set a certain importance. The sum of these stats creates the alerts, which can be “GO HOME”, suggesting you to bet on the home team, “GO AWAY”, suggesting a bet on the away team, and “GOLS”, suggesting a bet on the Over goals market. In addition, our algorithm also alerts when a bet loses value. As an example, in a match the algorithm identified a high goal probability, however, the match became quiet. Recognizing this movement, the algorithm notifies that “GOALS LOST VALUE”.

How to use the alert system?

It is important to say that you should not simply bet on all the suggestions from our alerts system. Although we have an excellent win rate, statistics don't always represent what’s really happening. Our algorithm is very strict and is usually correct, but the machine does not always replace the man. Our suggestion is that you should watch the matches you select , in that way you will know if our suggestion makes sense or not. Enjoy! :D